"(Middle) Passage for Dreams"


Three channel video with sound

Duration: 22 minute video

Recent exhibitions of this project:

2023 Exhibition at ICA San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

2021 Solo Exhibition at New York University's The Gallatin Galleries, New York, NY

2019 Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit, MI


"(Middle) Passage for Dreams" is a three channel video art installation project that features black bodies in serene environments while speaking about heavy and complex contemporary topics including their notions of home, belonging, identity, and what it means to be Black in America at this time. The video project has five segements that were filmed during all four seasons over a two year period. Each segment features black bodies in locations that echo America’s violent histories (i.e. bodies on ground and brutality, bodies against trees and lynching, bodies in ocean and slave ships, bodies on plantations, etc).