Series title:

"By Way of Revolution"

Upcoming and recent exhibitions of the work include:

2021 Solo Exhibition @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (upcoming November 2021)

2019 Solo Exhibition @ Michigan State University's SCENE Metrospace Gallery, with performance at the MSU Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, MI


"By Way of Revolution" is an interdisciplinary series that utilizes the mediums of collage, installation, video, performance, and social engagement to address the inherited histories of protest that inform contemporary social movements. It examines the often overlooked labor of women within activism histories and care politics. I began the project in 2018 as an Artist in Residence of Critical Race Theory at Michigan State University. The first iteration of the series was exhibited at the campus gallery, with a live performance at the MSU Broad Art Museum. The exhibition also included the premier of my video project, "The Call." Considered a "living exhibition," the project evolved over its seven week installment, with an active schedule of programs in collaboration with Black Lives Matter of Michigan and campus organizations. A new iteration of this project will be featured in my upcoming solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which opens November 2021.

The Now

Documentation of a live performance 

Duration: One hour


This performance took place at the MSU Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum as part of my Critical Race Theory Artist Residency at Michigan State University, and in conjunction with my solo exhibition, “By Way of Revolution.” The first part of the performance consisted of me using my voice and bodily gestures to struggle to say the word “America.” In the second portion my students joined in with spoken word to articulate what their vision of America is. The last part of the performance included me asking the audience to participate with their thoughts on the same word, eventually turning the performance arena into a roundtable discussion. The Now shifts perspective from the singular to the collective voice, and places emphasis on the act of conversation as an artistic and political act.